Choosing Living Room Furniture and Decoration Tips

The living room is a room in our house that are useful for welcome guests. Thus, always make sure homeowners living room is well designed and can provide comfort for everyone, not only for the guests but also for homeowners. In designing the living room, the furniture and the furniture is very important because aside from the visual appeal of the room, also play an important role for the appearance. Imagine if a living room with no furniture. Where you sit and greet guests? Where you can relax while watching television?
Choosing Living Room Furniture and Decoration Tips

In selecting living room furniture and decorating, make sure to put quality in addition to beauty. Make sure you also set the position in accordance with the room and the architecture of your home. In addition, there are other things you need to consider in choosing living room furniture and decorations. Here are some tips in choosing living room furniture and decorations:

    Start from the bottom

Before you move on to other points, you have to start from the basic consideration in choosing the furniture and your room. Look for basic furniture such as sofas, chairs, center table and side table. Then look around your room so that you know the exact size of the furniture you need for a certain function.


To ensure the right furniture, you need to measure and draw a floor plan living room or you can create a sketch on a piece of paper. Then plan a room using a traffic plan you have created and decide the placement of furniture. This will give you a good overview of the existing space. Also, do not forget to leave a free area.

    Polar functions

What activities will you do in your living room? This has a major impact on what you will be placed in the living room as a modular cabinet for television, storage or places where you can put your drink if you have guests. Prioritizing functionality and comfort before heading to display.

    Consider the existing architecture

It is very important to see the architectural elements that already exist in your home, including windows, fireplaces and others. Thus, you need to plan and consider it well because if not, your furniture may not look good in the room. The interior design also also provide a large part to beautify the living room.


Mentioned in the previous point that you need to draw plans for your living room. This could be a reference design of the room. For the living room look better, you can design in 3D design with furniture that you want. Interior designers can also help you do that. Use the plan as a reference in the making.

    Choose quality furniture

In the selection of furniture, try to choose furniture that has a high quality as the furniture is an investment. Make sure you not only see but also pay attention to the condition of design and durability in the long term. That is why, furniture materials should be one of your attention. But it’s high-quality furniture that require higher costs as well.

    Coordination of each item

In choosing furniture living room, you can not just see the parlor joints. You should see it as a whole including the furniture and decorations. You also need to make sure each piece can match and complement each other, especially if you have an open layout where all the furniture can be seen from the outside. There should be a coherent and balanced view of the whole of your furniture.


Choose a theme for your interior. Then select furniture that matches the theme of your living room. If you decide to use the theme of a modern look, look for furniture that has a modern design as well. Room and matching furniture will maximize the appearance of your living room.

    The use of accent furniture

Aside from the basic furniture in the living room, add some accent furniture like chairs, tables or other decorations. It also could be an additional seating area, especially when you have guests. In addition, it can add to the appeal of a room. You can also add other accessories on it like a pillow.

    Do not overdo it

As always, you should avoid excessive things in the living room design by placing furniture that needed it. If you put too much furniture, your living room will look dirty and too full of stuff.

Choosing furniture for living room is fun because you can be creative to show the value of art in you. Everyone definitely excited to have a beautiful and comfortable space to welcome guests. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the tips above so that you can design a comfortable living room.

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